Board Certified Counselor | Nampa, Idaho
We cannot change anything unless we accept it.
— Carl Jung


About Bonnie K. Benson

I have a passion for helping people face and address their fears and overcome everything from trauma to anxiety. I offer a unique and effective therapy called Sand Tray Therapy for both adults and children. I also provide art based approaches like visual journaling, magazine photo collages, use of modeling clay, mask making, and drawing to name a few.

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Bonnie’s Services and areas of specialty.

Bonnie works with children who may be having difficulty with ongoing family changes/divorce, trauma, behavioral and social problems at home or school. She also works with adults who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, transitions, relationship concerns, divorce, grief and loss issues. Bonnie enjoys helping parents hone their parenting strategies and techniques and offers parent consultations. Clients who seek her as their counselor find someone they can easily connect with, feel accepted and understood so that they may make decisions based on informed choices, and find solutions.


Why Choose Bonnie K. Benson, M.A., LPC, NCC ?

Bonnie has dedicated her career to improving and positively impacting hundreds of lives in and around the Treasure Valley through counseling, immersive therapy, and other treatments. She spent 16 years as an elementary school counselor and a total of 20 years total as a counselor at an agency, community domestic violence crisis center and shelter.

She has had a wide range of client experiences, which includes treating individuals from all walks of life from children to adolescents to adults and the elderly. She is knowledgeable and passionate and offers cutting edge therapy options like Sand Tray/Sandplay Therapy, art therapy, and other forms of experiential treatments.



Years in practice

Bonnie has an extensive practice and has spent several decades serving her community.



Most recent year of Board certification

Bonnie is a board certified counselor through the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). The NBCC is the premier credentialing body for counselors, ensuring that counselors who become board certified have achieved the highest standard of practice.



patients Impacted by Bonnie

Throughout her decades of professional service, Bonnie has had the opportunity to impact hundreds of lives through her counseling and therapy expertise.